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Deputies pass bill regulates scrap metal exports – Dominican Republic

on November 6, 2012

19.Sep.2012. Santo Domingo.- After intense debate the Chamber of Deputies yesterday approved the bill to regulate the metal and scrap metal exports, 94 votes to 9, with 37 abstentions.

The legislation which now goes to the Senate gives companies a one-year deadline to regulate their situation.

The lawmakers split into those who oppose the ban on the export of used batteries and those who say they should be sold abroad to ingrease foreign currency and help rid the highly noxious lead.

Opposition PRD party deputy for the National District Carlos Gabriel Garcia, who wroted the bill, said some lawmakers want to benefit companies that sell used batteries, which in his view jeopardizes the national interest, and accused that sector of seeking to avert that law’s regulations.

For Pelegrin Castillo, pro-government NPD deputy for the National District, only what can be recycled should be exported.

Original article from Dominican Today can be found here

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