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Monthly Archives: March 2015

BGM Scrap Prices – Apr.2015

on March 31, 2015

Available material and prices:

HDPE Flakes Washed (Natural) – US$ 750/mt
HDPE Flakes Washed (Color) – US$ 670/mt
HDPE Flakes Inj. Unwashed (Sorted By Colors) – US$ 699/mt
LLDPE or LDPE Baled Scrap – US$ 580/mt
Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC 11&12) Baled Scrap – US$ 230/mt
PET Flakes Hot Washed (Clear-Blue) – US$ 750/mt
PET Flakes Post-Industrial (Blue) – US$ 650/mt
PET Flakes Cold Washed (Clear) – US$ 699/mt
PET Flakes Cold Washed (Blue or Green) – US$ 599/mt
PET Flakes Cold Washed (Brown/Gray/Mixed Colors) – US$ 399/mt
PP Shredded/Regrind Scrap (Sorted by Colors) – US$ 799/mt
PP Shredded/Regrind Bottle Caps– US$ 499/mt
Shredded/Regrind Labels – US$ 199/mt

*Prices CNF Qingdao/Shanghai, China or Any East Coast Port, USA.
All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice

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