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BGM Recycling is a privately held scrap recycling company located in the Dominican Republic. //

We work very hard to ensure the quality of our products meet or exceed our client's expectations.

We are currently one of the major scrap recycling companies in the Dominican Republic. We produce, buy and sell a wide variety of Post-Industrial and Post-Consumer scrap. Including, but not limited to Plastic, Paper and Metal Scrap. Our main markets are USA, China, Europe, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. Our entire yearly production goes to international markets.

We have our own Recycling facility located in the Higuero zone, north of Santo Domingo city. Our Government Environmental License is tested and reviewed regularly to ensure all regulations are met; and also conduct independent inspections to evaluate international standards are handled conveniently on site.

Scrap recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, BGM Recycling as part of the scrap recycling industry protects the environment while provides “green” jobs in the Dominican Republic.